Personality Assessment and Career Counselling 
We use the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), the World’s no. 1 Psychometric Assessment Tool, to identify a Person’s Unique Personality and Provide Personality-based Career Counselling, as practiced in most of the Developed Countries (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia etc..), to arrive at the Most Productive and Satisfying Career Options available to the Individual, leading to a Successful life! Students (Class XII onwards including Graduates and Post-graduates) and Newly-Qualified Professionals, by discovering the Right Direction for their future Academic and/or Career & Work Environment Pursuits, are the BIGGEST Beneficiaries! Our counsellors are MBTI® Certified Practitioners with loads of experience (national and international) behind them! 
Personality Transformation 
A Three-Hour Session Each Day, for 5 Days, takes the Individual through the Most-rewarding Journey of his Life resulting into a Complete Personality Transformation based on Practical and Scientific Processes which have stood the test of time!
Some of the immediate benefits are: 
•Understanding Your Self-Image and the Importance of Goal-setting
•Discovering Your inbuilt Success Mechanism and Letting it Work For You 
•Knowing the Power of Imagination and Dehypnotizing from False Beliefs
•Utilizing the Power of Rational Thinking
•Acquiring the Habit of Happiness and the Success-Type Personality 
•Making the Failure Mechanism work For You 
•Giving Yourself an Emotional Face-Lift 
•Unlocking Your Real Personality 
•Turning Crisis into a Creative Opportunity 
•Getting That Winning Feeling
 •Adding More Years to Life and More Life in Your Years
Student Admissions & All Types of Visa Services to the overseas destinations
We assist Prospective Students, desirous of Going Abroad for their Higher Studies, with admissions in Bachelors, Masters and Chartered Programs at Universities and Colleges in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. This is followed by assistance with Scholarship and Bank-Loan Applications, Visa Applications, Forex and Air-Travel needs and Post-Landing transfers. We represent a good number of Higher Education Institutions Abroad for a smooth and hassle-free journey of the prospective student! All our student counsellors are Education UK Certified and NAFSA Certified F-1 Student Advisors. 
Internships And Summer Schooling 
We facilitate Internship and Training visas for desirous Students/Freshers in a number of fields such as Hotel Management, Engineering, Management, Accountancy, Law, IT/ITES etc., ranging from 6 months to 24 months, in Companies Based Abroad. We also organise Summer Schools and Visas at the TOP Institutions based abroad for Bonafide Students in almost All Streams of Studies for 4 to 8 weeks.  
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