A dedicated and passionate team of individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences brings to our table more than a decade of experience to help and counsel people.

Message from the Founders:

Why do we call ourselves as Studios?
"studio :
1. countable nounA studio is a room where a painter, photographer, or designer works.
2. countable nounA studio is a room where radio or television programmes are recorded, CDs are produced, or films are made.
3. countable noun [usually plural]You can also refer to film-making or recording companies as studios.
4. countable nounA studio is a small flat with one room for living and sleeping in, a kitchen, and a bathroom. You can also talk about a studio flat in British English or a studio apartment in American English"
COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers
Every learner wherever he goes for study or training is actually entering his/ her own studio.
Universities / Institutions are studios for the countless learners where they learn to experiment, build and craft their own destinies. We help these learners to select and enter their studios to record their programmes, paintings, designing so as to speak figuratively.

Our Vision:
An admired student’s – friendly institution that shapes education and career counseling practices in India by creating new career avenues and helping the students in their pursuits of higher education abroad ethically, and being committed to excellence

Our Mission:
To make the academic pursuits of our students in a foreign country a rewarding, invigorating, pleasing and a memorable experience through a network of excellent support services

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